Obtain More Special Sodas and Candies

Obtain More Special Sodas and Candies

Special candies are when you combine more than three candies of the same color with only one match in Candy Crash Soda game. For instance you will get extraordinary candy if you are able to match 4 – 7 candies together. These special candies are very important because they will help you get through the toughest levels of the game.

Make Wise use of Your Gold Bars

Candy Crush features in-game currency known as gold bars. You can use gold bars to buy additional boosters or moves. You will be given some free gold bars to start your Candy Crush Soda game, but you have to replace them by buying them for real money.

Get Free Extra Candy Crash Soda Game Lives

You can manually set the way you can refill your lives in Candy Crash Soda game on mobile devices, without ever having to!

If you Dealt Bad Sodas and Candies, Reset the Board

You can reset your board before you make any move, when you get an un-timed level of Candy Crash Soda Sage level. Just simple click out of the main menu and click back into that Candy Crash Soda level, if you don’t like the set-up of your Candy Crash Soda game board. The board will change the next time, and you won’t lose any of your lives.

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