Candy Crush Soda Tips & Cheats

Candy Crush Soda Tips & Cheats

As s successor to Candy Crush Saga, Candy Crush Soda’s primary game play consists of matching three or more matching pieces of candy. Goals must be met in a specific number of moves before you can advance to the game’s next game play level. If you do not meet that criteria, you use up lives until, eventually, you have to completely restart that level.

The new addition to the lineup of twists in the game consists of soda bottle pieces, which must be matched up with candy pieces that match their color. Soda levels then rise from the bottom of the screen allowing brand new pieces to float up towards the top of the screen instead of pieces falling down.

Beginning at level 256 within Candy Crush Soda, you become familiar with another new twist: Jam. For many following levels, the only way to effectively clear a level is to spread this jam across the complete game board.

In order to spread jam you must make matches wherever there are puddles of jam. Making use of striped candy and bomb candy will allow you to spread much more jam per single move than others.

Matching four candies of the same color creates Swedish fish, which are very important pieces in the playing of Candy Crush Saga. Matching them with two or more identically colored candy pieces cause them to float off the screen to perform a particular job. Some of the things they accomplish include popping soda bottles, eating ice chunks and clearing away objects that are barriers for you, such as licorice or honey.

For some levels, using a Swedish fish is the only way to accomplish certain tasks for clearing the level. When paired with a particular piece, such as a striped candy or a wrapped candy, blockages further away from the piece you are matching can be blown up, giving you a more extensive area of play for less work.

On lots of levels, it is imperative to be able to chip gummy bears out of the ice in order to free them. It can be hard to do especially considering that you are unable to tell where the bears are, as they are hidden by ice. However, if you pause to take a very close look at the entire game board that contains trapped gummy bears, you should be able to see that some of the ice appears clear, but others have a very faint bluish green tint underneath them. They are the ones that contain the gummy bears.

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