Tips to Winning all Candy Crush Saga Levels easily

Tips to Winning all Candy Crush Saga Levels easily

In case you have been wondering why a large number of people are frenzied about Candy Crash Saga, you don’t have to be surprised about anything. The world has been accustomed to different varieties of Candy Crash Saga games over the past years.

The Candy Crash Saga games have taken the whole of the candy gaming app experience to a new world. This is why today almost every person with a smartphone or tablet is playing this game either to have fun while killing time or to beat their friends by registering the highest levels. This is certainly that the developers of this game have come up with a Candy World that is loved even by adults and kids who have never been interested with games in the past.

Playing Candy Crush Saga

If you know some of the basics, playing the game will be very easy. You will need to get hold over the moves even before you start playing it so as to prevent getting fatigued after just a few levels. While you are playing, you will need to swipe between the candies that have been availed on the dashboard only. You will also need to match together three candies that are of the same shade to gain points; either vertically or horizontally. Consider trying to get rid of candies that are frightening you first prior to eliminating the other candies.

Get to Know the Levels of the Game

The Candy Crash Saga game has been designed to have 160 gaming levels that have 112 episodes. Although you should understand that it doesn’t end there, as every week more levels will be added. The first level that will offer you with understanding is referred to as the moves level. In this level, you will need to achieve a given set of points. This is within the set number of moves that you will be provided with. The jelly level will also require you to clear all the jellies off the dashboard afore your life gets finished.

The next level is the ingredient level that requires the player to make sure all the ingredients are reaching the bottom of the dashboard. The timed level has been designed to offer the player with a given set of time for achieving a certain amount of points. The player has to achieve these points before the lapse of this time. With the Candy order level, you will need you crush all the candies before exhausting all the moves that have been provided to you.

Tips to Win All Levels in the Game

First, always ensure that you start the levels by crushing the candies that are at the bottommost part of the dashboard. By so doing, you will be able to complete these levels faster. You might actually end up losing the levels if you don’t begin by crushing them. The best combination of candy is the stripped and wrapped. You will free-up the dashboard vertically and horizontally as soon as you join these candies together.

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