Candy Crush Soda Game Tips and Cheats to Beat Every Level of the Games

Candy Crush Soda Game Tips and Cheats to Beat Every Level of the Games

Candy Crush Soda game is a puzzle game where you will be assisting Kimmy to find Tiffi, her friend. You must have had a head start into Candy Crash Soda game, if you have ever played Candy Crash Soda or other King games. However, you will come across a lot of new level blockers, candies, and types, as you make it through the adventure.

You will love this new game that acts as a follow-up to the original if you love Candy Crush Soda. Candy Crash Soda game has now expanded to all iOS and Android devices like iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone, since it was first released on Facebook.

Take a look at the Candy Crash Soda game tips and tricks below, if you are having challenge adapting to these new features. These Candy Crash Soda game tips and cheats will help you beat every level of the game.

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Candy Crash Soda game is a level based game where you need to trail a map, and then move through diverse worlds and episodes. Moreover, the game features a scale used for scoring and it gives about three stars depending on the number of points you get, and you have to get at least a star score to progress.

To get these points, you have to match 3, 4, or 5, same colors, together with some other definite types of unique candies to reach your point goal. However, remember the fact that you will still have to complete the set goals for the level and they are all different for each type of level you are playing.


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The Soda on the Board Changes all

Your pieces begin to act differently when there is soda on the board in your level of Candy Crash Soda game. Pieces above the soda line or on the dry part of the board can continue to fall like a regular match-3. However, you will be able to have pieces moving in two different ways and have access to where things will end up, when candies flooded in soda begin to float up.

In order to raise the soda level when you are already in soda levels, you have to match soda bottles, and then collect a particular amount of them before you can move on to the next level.

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